Implementing and Managing APPC Protected Conversations

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Published 10 February 2005, updated 05 February 2007

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ISBN-10: 0738491942
ISBN-13: 9780738491943
IBM Form #: SG24-6486-00
(180 pages)

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Authors: Paola Bari, Mario Bezzi, Massimo Biancucci, Kenny Blackman, Graham Davis, Kim Patterson


APPC Protected Conversation is a function provided by the operating system to exploiters running on z/OS. This function improves data integrity in distributed processing environments by enabling participation in the two-phase commit protocol.

This IBM Redbooks publication provides system programmers with a solid understanding of the APPC Protected Conversation environment. It describes how to upgrade your environment to support protected conversations, how to configure protected conversation exploiters, how to operate in this environment, and how to manage resources. Sample scenarios illustrate how transactions are executed in a protected conversation environment, and how they fail. Design considerations for avoiding failures are also included, as well as a discussion of tools and utilities for monitoring and tuning your APPC environment. Detailed installation definitions are provided for protected conversation exploiters (IMS, CICS and DB2).

Table of contents

Chapter 1. APPC Protected Conversation introduction and theory
Chapter 2. Upgrading your configuration to support APPC/MVS Protected Conversations
Chapter 3. Protected Conversations exploiters
Chapter 4. How to operate in an APPC/MVS Protected Conversations environment
Chapter 5. Sample scenario: IMS to IMS
Chapter 6. Sample scenario: IMS to CICS
Chapter 7. Monitoring
Appendix A. Installation definitions for Protected Conversation exploiters
Appendix B. APPC exploiter sample source code
Appendix C. Additional material

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