Exploring WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer V5.1.2

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 11 May 2005

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ISBN-10: 0738490660
ISBN-13: 9780738490663
IBM Form #: SG24-6483-00
(548 pages)

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Authors: Joe DeCarlo, Reginaldo Barosa, Jim Eberwein, Michael Virga, Henk van der Wijk


Faced with enormous pressures to do more with less, companies need a more productive, enterprise-level, integrated development tool. IBM WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer Version 5.1.2 is the solution to this problem. This IBM Redbooks publication focuses on how to solve problems using the new features of the tool including:

  • The capability to do complete end-to-end COBOL CICS application development from creating, testing, debugging, and deploying on the workstation to the IBM z/OS environment.
  • The capability to do complete end-to-end XML enablement of existing COBOL programs without any changes to them.
  • Rich enhancements of the Enterprise Generation Language (EGL), allowing Java and non-Java programmers alike to create full-function COBOL and J2EE Java applications using a simple, easy-to-learn programming language.
  • Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition Connector architecture (JCA) and Web Services Description Language (WSDL) support that enables developers to connect to data produced by existing COBOL programs that communicate with systems that use XML for data interchange, including those based on Web services.
  • A fully functional z/OS-based DB2 stored procedure builder on the workstation.

Table of contents

Part 1. Introduction to WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer V5.1.2
Chapter 1. Executive summary
Chapter 2. Introduction to WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer V5.1.2
Part 2. z/OS application development tools
Chapter 3. Remote versus local development
Chapter 4. Remote development: Defining remote systems
Chapter 5. Remote development: Handling z/OS artifacts
Chapter 6. Remote development: MVS projects
Chapter 7. Remote development: The editor
Chapter 8. Remote development: The debugger
Chapter 9. Local development: Local projects
Part 3. XML enablement
Chapter 10. XML enablement of a business application
Chapter 11. Enabling an existing COBOL application as a Web service
Chapter 12. XML mapping tool
Part 4. J2EE Connector architecture and Web Services Description Language support
Chapter 13. Using JCA to access your enterprise
Part 5. z/OS-based stored procedure builder for COBOL and PL/I
Chapter 14. Stored procedure database connection configuration
Chapter 15. Using PL/I or COBOL DB2 stored procedures with WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer
Part 6. Enterprise Generation Language and z/OS
Chapter 16. Introduction to Enterprise Generation Language
Chapter 17. Migration to EGL from VisualAge Generator
Chapter 18. Generating COBOL from EGL
Chapter 19. Integrating applications with zSeries and the Internet using EGL
Chapter 20. Accessing DB2 UDB for z/OS tables and stored procedures with EGL
Appendix A. Enterprise Generation Language resources API
Appendix B. Configuring CICS Transaction Server for Windows and CICS Transaction Gateway using TCP/IP
Appendix C. Working with sample code
Appendix D. COBOL source
Appendix E. JCL procs stored on the host
Appendix F. Additional material

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