Portalizing Domino Applications: Integration with Portal 5.02 and Lotus Workplace 2.0.1

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Published 08 April 2005

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ISBN-10: 0738492256
ISBN-13: 9780738492254
IBM Form #: SG24-6466-00
(782 pages)

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Authors: John Bergland, Martin Anderle, Lea Medhurst, Sami Salkosuo, Peter K. Weber, Leslie Weng


This IBM Redbooks publication provides an overview of the options and techniques for integrating and "portalizing" Domino applications into WebSphere Portal and Lotus Workplace. For each of the integration options, we provide an overview of the technology, an introduction to the software and tools used, and step-by-step examples of using the techniques to portalize a sample Domino application.

We begin by explaining why portal integration is so useful for any company that has a Domino environment, and the importance of integrating Domino applications into WebSphere Portal and Lotus Workplace. To provide the proper context, we address the concept and strategy of the IBM Workplace and explain how Domino, WebSphere Portal, and Lotus Workplace fit into this strategy. We also explain some of the key concepts of portals and Domino application integration, and outline some recognized design patterns for Domino application integration.

We cover a broad range of integration options, from using existing collaborative portlets which ship with Domino and Portal, to using Portlet Builders, or ultimately, using the Java API to customize the integration of the application.

This book is aimed at Domino application developers or anyone else who wants to learn how to portalize Domino applications.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to portalizing Domino applications
Chapter 2. Integration techniques
Chapter 3. Using existing portlets
Chapter 4. Using custom Domino JSP Tag libraries
Chapter 5. Portlet development using Java: Technology review
Chapter 6. Portlet development using Java: Integration examples
Chapter 7. Portlet builders
Chapter 8. Integration with Lotus Workplace
Appendix A. General portlet development guidelines
Appendix B. Data dictionary for case study
Appendix C. Additional material

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