IBM TotalStorage: SAN Product, Design, and Optimization Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication


In this IBM Redbooks publication, we visit some of the core components and technologies that underpin a storage area network (SAN). We cover some of the latest additions to the IBM SAN portfolio, discuss general SAN design considerations, and build these considerations into a selection of real-world case studies.

We realize that there are many ways to design a SAN and put all the components together. In our examples, we have incorporated the major considerations that you need to think about, but still left room to maneuver on the SAN field of play.

This book focuses on the SAN products that are generally considered to form the backbone of the SAN fabric today: switches and directors. With this backbone, development has prompted discrete approaches to the design of a SAN fabric. The bespoke vendor implementation of technology that is characteristic in the design footprint of switches and directors means that we have an opportunity to answer challenges in different ways.

We will show examples where strength can be built into the SAN using the network and the features of the components themselves. Our aim is to show that you can customize your SAN fabric according to your preferences.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. SAN fabric components
Chapter 3. SAN features
Chapter 4. SAN disciplines
Chapter 5. Host Bus Adapters
Chapter 6. SAN design considerations
Chapter 7. IBM TotalStorage SAN Switch L10
Chapter 8. IBM TotalStorage SAN b-type family
Chapter 9. IBM TotalStorage SAN m-type family
Chapter 10. Cisco switches and directors
Chapter 11. General solutions
Chapter 12. SAN event data gathering tips
Chapter 13. IBM TotalStorage SAN Switch L10 solutions
Chapter 14. IBM TotalStorage SAN b-type family solutions
Chapter 15. IBM TotalStorage SAN m-type family solutions
Chapter 16. Cisco solutions
Chapter 17. Case studies
Chapter 18. IBM TotalStorage SAN b-type case study solutions
Chapter 19. IBM TotalStorage SAN m-type case study solutions
Chapter 20. Cisco case study solutions
Chapter 21. Channel extension concepts
Chapter 22. IBM TotalStorage SAN b-type family channel extension solutions
Chapter 23. IBM TotalStorage SAN m-type family channel extension solutions
Chapter 24. Cisco channel extension solutions
Chapter 25. SAN best practices

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Publish Date
09 September 2005

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05 August 2015

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