Lotus Workplace 2.0.1 Products: Deployment Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 10 February 2005

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ISBN-10: 0738491934
ISBN-13: 9780738491936
IBM Form #: SG24-6378-00
(836 pages)

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Authors: John Bergland, Alberto Bravo, Greg R. Chadbourne, Carlos Luz, Philip Monson, Heiko Mueller, Tatjana Savov, Jeffrey Slone


IBM Lotus software has created IBM Lotus Workplace, an integrated family of products based on open standards. Lotus Workplace combines market-leading collaborative components that can be used with a variety of security-rich clients for simplified access and interaction with other people and a host of collaborative applications such as e-mail, calendaring and scheduling, instant messaging, Web conferencing, team spaces, document and Web content management, and e-learning.

IBM Lotus Workplace products include:
- IBM Lotus Workplace Messaging
- IBM Lotus Workplace Team Collaboration
- IBM Lotus Workplace Collaborative Learning
- IBM Lotus Workplace Web Content Management
- IBM Lotus Workplace Documents

This IBM Redbooks publication is an installation and deployment guide for the Lotus Workplace 2.0.1 platform. We provide detailed installation procedures for installing the Lotus Workplace products on both a Microsoft Windows 2000 server and a Linux server running SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 8.1. We also discuss important deployment and planning scenarios, as well as tips, best practices, and techniques for troubleshooting errors during installation.

Table of contents

Part 1. Introduction
Chapter 1. Introduction to IBM Lotus Workplace 2.0.1
Chapter 2. Planning
Part 2. Installing on Windows
Chapter 3. Directory services: LDAP
Chapter 4. Installing and configuring Workplace data store on Windows
Chapter 5. Installing and configuring on Windows
Chapter 6. Preparing the Lotus Workplace installation on Windows
Chapter 7. Installing Lotus Workplace on Windows
Chapter 8. Configuring Lotus Workplace components
Part 3. Installing on Linux
Chapter 9. Installing IBM Directory Server 5.1 on Linux
Chapter 10. Installing and configuring Workplace data store on Linux
Chapter 11. Installing and configuring on Linux
Chapter 12. Preparing the Lotus Workplace installation on Linux
Chapter 13. Installing Lotus Workplace on Linux
Part 4. Network Deployment
Chapter 14. Network Deployment of Lotus Workplace
Part 5. Troubleshooting - hints and tips
Chapter 15. Troubleshooting
Appendix A. Installation check list
Appendix B. Sample properties files and target descriptions
Appendix C. Useful commands

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