z/OS Version 1 Release 6 Implementation

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Published 14 April 2005, updated 31 May 2005

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ISBN-10: 0738492345
ISBN-13: 9780738492346
IBM Form #: SG24-6377-00
(270 pages)

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Authors: Paul Rogers, Patrick Bruinsma, Olivier Daurces, Robert Kohler, Natabar Sahoo, Meganen Naidoo, Miha Petric


This IBM Redbooks publication discusses the many enhancements to z/OS Version 1 Release 6, and provides information to help you install, tailor, and configure this release.
It first offers a broad overview of z/OS Version 1 Release 6, and then goes into detail on how to install and tailor z/OS and the many components that have been enhanced, such as: the z/OS base control program (BCP), ServerPac, DFSMS, Workload Manager (WLM), RMF, SMP/E, z/OS UNIX, ISPF, and Communication Server.
This book is intended for systems programmers and administrators responsible for customizing, installing, and migrating to the newest levels of z/OS.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. z/OS Version 1 Release 6 overview
Chapter 2. ServerPac enhancements for z/OS Release 6
Chapter 3. z/OS V1R6 base control program (BCP) enhancements
Chapter 4. z/OS V1R6 DFSMS enhancements
Chapter 5. UNIX System Services enhancements in z/OS V1R6
Chapter 6. z/OS V1R6 RMF
Chapter 7. SMPE for z/OS and OS/390 Version 3 Release 3
Chapter 8. z/OS V1R6 Workload Manager (WLM)
Chapter 9. OSA 3270 Support for z/OS V1R6
Chapter 10. z/OS V1R6 ISPF enhancements
Chapter 11. Communications Server for z/OS V1R6

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