z/OS Version 1 Release 5 Implementation

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 30 November 2004

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ISBN-10: 0738491411
ISBN-13: 9780738491417
IBM Form #: SG24-6326-00
(530 pages)

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Authors: Paul Rogers, Patrick Bruinsma, Olivier Daurces, Robert Kohler, Meganen Naidoo, Miha Petric, Natabar Sahoo


z/OS Version 1 Release 5 offers a number of enhancements that improve availability, scalability and performance, application flexibility, and ease of use. In this IBM Redbooks publication, we describe these functional enhancements and provide information to help you install, tailor, and configure this release.
After giving an overview of this release, we cover the enhancements made to the following components:
- ServerPac
- Base Control Program (BCP)
- JES3
- JES2
- Infoprint Server
- Workload Manager (WLM)
- Console restructure
- SMP/E for z/OS and OS/390
- UNIX System Services (USS)
- z/OS Security Server RACF
- PSF 3.4.0 for z/OS
- Communication Server for z/OS V1R5
We also provide RMF Performance Monitor metrics and describe the system trace entry created in the system trace table for the high virtual storage service IARV64.
This book is intended for systems programmers and administrators responsible for customizing, installing, and migrating to these newest levels of z/OS.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. z/OS Version 1 Release 5 overview
Chapter 2. ServerPac enhancements for z/OS V1R5
Chapter 3. z/OS V1R5 BCP enhancements
Chapter 4. JES3 V1R5 enhancements
Chapter 5. JES2 V1R5 enhancements
Chapter 6. SDSF enhancements
Chapter 7. Infoprint Server
Chapter 8. z/OS V1R5 ISPF Enhancements
Chapter 9. z/OS V1R5 Workload Manager (WLM)
Chapter 10. Console restructure enhancements
Chapter 11. z/OS V1R5 RMF
Chapter 12. SMP/E for z/OS and OS/390 Version 3 Release 2
Chapter 13. UNIX System Services enhancements in z/OS V1R5
Chapter 14. z/OS Security Server RACF
Chapter 15. PSF 3.4.0 for z/OS
Chapter 16. Communication Server for z/OS V1R5
Appendix A. RMF Performance Monitor metrics
Appendix B. IARV64 system trace entry

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