Patterns: Pervasive and Rich Device Access Solutions

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Published 24 February 2005, updated 25 February 2005

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ISBN-10: 0738492175
ISBN-13: 9780738492179
IBM Form #: SG24-6315-00
(472 pages)

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Authors: Peter Kovari, Phillip Dermody, Daniel Ehrle, Stefan Fassmann, Richard Jacks, George Kroner, LindaMay Patterson, Sami Serpola


Patterns for e-business are a group of proven, reusable assets that can be used to increase the speed of developing and deploying e-business applications. This IBM Redbooks publication focuses on the architecture and implementation of pervasive solutions using currently available IBM products.

Part 1 uses the Patterns for e-business to describe the Application and Runtime patterns applicable to pervasive solutions. IBM product mappings are applied to these patterns.

Part 2 describes the technologies key to building pervasive solutions. It also describes the IBM development tools for building these solutions.

Part 3 consists of eight pervasive scenarios. Each scenario implements an IBM product mapping, and provides design, development, and runtime guidelines for building these scenarios.

Table of contents

Part 1. Pervasive solution patterns
Chapter 1. Patterns for e-business
Chapter 2. Application patterns for pervasive solutions
Chapter 3. Runtime pattern
Chapter 4. Product mappings
Chapter 5. ITSO Railway sample overview
Chapter 6. Pervasive application types
Part 2. Guidelines
Chapter 7. Technology options
Chapter 8. Application development toolkits
Part 3. Scenario implementations
Chapter 9. PIM and e-mail synchronization
Chapter 10. Web access to ITSO Railway's timetables
Chapter 11. Mobile Inventory Management with offline forms
Chapter 12. Using Intelligent Notification Services
Chapter 13. Using Workplace Client Technology, Micro Edition
Chapter 14. Timetable information by Voice
Chapter 15. Connectivity and access
Chapter 16. Maintaining mobile devices

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