Backing Up DB2 Using IBM Tivoli Storage Management

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This IBM Redbooks publication covers techniques and practical guidelines for backing up DB2 UDB using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. It is intended for database administrators (DBAs) and system/storage administrators and anyone who needs to protect their critical DB2 databases. We focus on the use of the Tivoli Storage Manager API client and provide installation, setup, customization and day-to-day management examples.

All testing was carried out on DB2 V7.1 and with Tivoli Storage Manager V4.1.2. The platforms used were AIX, Sun Solaris and Windows 2000. The design of the project includes recovery scenarios, as well as, different backup methodologies in order to provide practical assistance for DBAs.

There are hints and tips for performance and troubleshooting. Coverage has also been given to enhanced strategies for backup including hardware mirroring.

Table of contents

Part 1. Tivoli Storage Manager and DB2 primer
Chapter 1. Tivoli Storage Manager for database administrators
Chapter 2. Relational databases and DB2 UDB product overview
Chapter 3. Planning considerations
Chapter 4. Tivoli Storage Manager server considerations
Part 2. Backing up DB2 on UNIX platforms
Chapter 5. Backing up DB2 on AIX using Tivoli Storage Manager
Chapter 6. Backing up DB2 UDB on the Sun Solaris platform
Chapter 7. Day to day management: DB2 backups on UNIX
Part 3. Backing up DB2 on the Windows 2000 platform
Chapter 8. Backing up DB2 on Windows 2000
Chapter 9. Day to day management: DB2 backups on Windows 2000
Part 4. Recovering DB2 UDB databases using TSM
Chapter 10. Recovering DB2 UDB databases
Appendix A. Quick start/checklist for configuration
Appendix B. Troubleshooting
Appendix C. Performance
Appendix D. Split mirror and split copy functions with DB2
Appendix E. "New" backup features (DB2 V7.1 Fixpak3 Beta)
Appendix F. DB2 backup using TSM LAN-free setup

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Publish Date
22 June 2001

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11 April 2006

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