Migrating Siebel Database from DB2/Oracle for NT to DB2 for OS/390

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Published 27 November 2001

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ISBN-10: 0738421553
ISBN-13: 9780738421551
IBM Form #: SG24-6236-00
(222 pages)

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Authors: Viviane Anavi-Chaput


This IBM Redbooks publication will help you to migrate the Siebel 2000 V6.2.1 database from:
DB2 for NT V6 to DB2 for OS/390 V6
Oracle for NT V8.1.6 to DB2 for NT V6
Oracle for NT V8.1.6 to DB2 for OS/390 V6
The book describes the migration experiences gained while migrating a Siebel 2000 database at the IBM ITSO Poughkeepsie Center in New York, and at the IBM Hursley Laboratory in the UK.
It provides an overview of Siebel architecture, and introduces the migration methodology needed to move the Siebel database from a DB2/Oracle for NT platform to a DB2 for OS/390 platform. It offers a step-by-step description of the database migration process, and discusses in detail the different methods of moving data from one platform to the other.
This book will be especially useful for those migrating the Siebel database for the first time.

Table of contents

Ch. 1 Introducing Siebel database migration
Ch. 2 Implementing the target Siebel environment on OS/390
Ch. 3 Migrating Siebel data from DB2 for NT to DB2 for OS/390
Ch. 4 Migrating Siebel data from Oracle for NT to DB2 for NT
Ch. 5 Migrating Siebel data from Oracle for NT to DB2 for OS/390
App. A Implementing the Siebel source environment on NT
App. B The .bat files
App. C Creating sample data
App. D DB2 customization jobs
App. E DB2 DSNTIAUL and LOAD jobs
App. F Validating object names
App. G Dataexp/FTP/DB2 Load programs and jobs

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