Managing OS/400 with Operations Navigator V5R1 Volume 1: Overview and More

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 29 December 2002

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ISBN-10: 0738424250
ISBN-13: 9780738424255
IBM Form #: SG24-6226-00
(542 pages)

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Authors: Jim Cook, Murtuza Choilawala, Steve Dillen, Stephan Leisse, Dwayne Lindner, Steven Murray, Lindsay Porter, Marios Symeonides


OS/400 Operations Navigator is the graphical interface to manage your IBM eServer iSeries runtime environment. V5R1 Operations Navigator contains major function and interface enhancements over previous releases. This IBM Redbooks publication presents an overview of all V5R1 Operations Navigator functions. It is the first volume in the "Managing OS/400 with Operations Navigator V5R1" series.

The key enhancements include a new Work Management component; new job, message, and B2B activity monitors; and new graph history for viewing performance data. It also includes new and updated interfaces to networking capabilities like Quality of Service, Virtual Private Network, TCP/IP configuration and connection verification utilities. And it includes new and improved multiple system management of system values and user and group profiles. V5R1 Operations Navigator has also improved Windows operating systems administration and the online help.

This volume focuses on installation and function navigation, and provides an overview of all V5R1 Operations Navigator functions. It also provides details on specific Operations Navigator components, most of which are essential to understanding the functions described in the other volumes of this book volume set.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Operations Navigator introduction
Chapter 2. Operations Navigator overview
Chapter 3. Installation and general navigation
Chapter 4. Basic Operations
Chapter 5. Work Management
Chapter 6. Management Central and Monitors
Chapter 7. TCP/IP Network
Chapter 8. File Systems
Chapter 9. Backup
Chapter 10. Advanced Function Printing (AFP) Manager
Chapter 11. Plug-in support
Chapter 12. Application Administration
Appendix A. System Values
Appendix B. Operations Navigator server jobs
Appendix C. Operations Navigator functions by release
Appendix D. Setting the time values for Management Central functions
Appendix E. Management Central Problem Determination Traces
Appendix F. V5R2 iSeries Navigator enhancements summary

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