Lotus Sametime 2.0 Deployment Guide

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Published 05 March 2001

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ISBN-10: 0738419559
ISBN-13: 9780738419558
IBM Form #: SG24-6206-00
(200 pages)

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Authors: David Morrison


Lotus Sametime is a real-time collaboration tool that allows you to communicate with others instantly. Sametime 2.0 brings new features and functionality to the table, with the most notable being real-time audio and video. These exciting new features combine with the existing tools of real-time chat, conferencing, and application sharing, which were already available in the previous version of Sametime. Because of the wealth of features in the product, it is important to understand how Sametime 2.0 functions and what its impact will be before deploying it in your organization.

This IBM Redbooks publication will help you install, tailor, and configure the new version of Sametime 2.0 to meet your business needs. It provides all the information you need to make decisions on how best to deploy Sametime 2.0. Specifically, this book describes the different installation options for Sametime, planning considerations, upgrading from Sametime 1.5, hardware recommendations, and performance considerations. A detailed look at the Sametime 2.0 architecture and components is provided, as well as descriptions of some of the exciting extensions to Sametime, such as Sametime for WAP and translation services. The different Sametime clients available are discussed, and an example of a real-world deployment of Sametime 2.0 between two companies over the Internet is presented.

Table of contents

1. Installation
2. Planning a Sametime 2.0 deployment
3. Performance considerations
4. Under the covers of Sametime
5. Sametime clients
6. Deploying Sametime on the Internet

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