Migrating WebLogic Applications to WebSphere Advanced Edition V4

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This IBM Redbooks publication will help you plan and execute the migration of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications developed for BEA WebLogic Server, so that they will run on WebSphere Application Server, Advanced Edition V4. This book is an update of the book Migrating WebLogic Applications to WebSphere Advanced Edition, SG24-5956 .

Since the previous book was published, new versions of both WebLogic and WebSphere have been released and both products have been certified as complying with the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition specification. We discuss the major differences between these new implementations of WebLogic and WebSphere, provide guidance to developers on how to deploy existing WebLogic applications on WebSphere, and discuss how to design new J2EE applications that will be portable for deployment on WebSphere or WebLogic.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Features comparison and migration strategy
Chapter 3. Installation and configuration
Chapter 4. Development and migration tools
Chapter 5. Security
Chapter 6. Transaction management
Chapter 7. Naming
Chapter 8. Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages
Chapter 9. Enterprise JavaBeans
Chapter 10. Database connectivity and persistence
Chapter 11. Application assembly and deployment
Chapter 12. Migration examples
Appendix A. Additional material


Publish Date
26 July 2002

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