WebSphere V3.5 Handbook

An IBM Redbooks publication


WebSphere Application Server V3.5 is the latest version of the IBM open standards-based e-business application deployment environment. This IBM Redbooks publication provides detailed insights into the product’s architecture and a wealth of practical advice about how best to exploit WebSphere.

At the heart of the book are detailed step-by-step descriptions of the tasks you carry out to deploy and execute your applications.

The book places these task descriptions in a broader context by providing discussions of possible application architectures, deployment topologies, best practices and problem determination.

These discussions are underpinned by clear descriptions of concepts and technologies including the Servlet, JSP and EJB APIs, security, and transactions.

The book also contains details of the support for the Servlet API V2.2 and JSP V1.1 APIs introduced by WebSphere V3.5 Fix Pack 2.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview of WebSphere Application Server V3.5
Chapter 2. What’s new in WebSphere V3.5?
Chapter 3. WebSphere programming model
Chapter 4. WebSphere components
Chapter 5. Servlet support
Chapter 6. JSP support
Chapter 7. Session support
Chapter 8. Servlet V2.2 in WebSphere V3.5.2
Chapter 9. Using JNDI to access LDAP
Chapter 10. JDBC 2.0 support
Chapter 11. Enterprise Java Services
Chapter 12. Transactions
Chapter 13. XML and WebSphere
Chapter 14. Application deployment
Chapter 15. WebSphere security
Chapter 16. Topologies selection
Chapter 17. Workload management
Chapter 18. Administrative console
Chapter 19. Web console
Chapter 20. The WebSphere Control Program (WSCP)
Chapter 21. XMLConfig
Chapter 22. WebSphere sample programs
Chapter 23. Problem determination
Chapter 24. Log Analyzer
Chapter 25. Resource Analyzer
Chapter 26. Migration
Appendix A. Installation steps
Appendix B. Remote Sybase connectivity
Appendix C. XML sample programs
Appendix D. JNDI sample programs
Appendix E. Big3 application
Appendix F. The admin.config file definitions


Publish Date
11 January 2001

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