WebSphere Scalability: WLM and Clustering Using WebSphere Application Server Advanced Edition

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This IBM Redbooks publication discusses various options for scaling applications based on WebSphere Application Server, Advanced Edition. The objective of this book is to explore how the basic configuration can be extended to provide more computing power, by better exploiting the power of each machine, and by using multiple machines. It examines a number of techniques, including:
- Cloning and Pooling of multiple Java Virtual Machines
- Distributing the load from one Web server to multiple Application Servers, using Servlet Redirector and OSE Transports
- Using IBM Network Dispatcher to distribute the load between multiple Web servers
- Using the EJB Workload Management facility (WLM) to distribute load at the EJB level
- Distributing session state using the Session Clustering Facility

This book shows step-by-step procedures for the UNIX, Windows NT and AS/400 platforms. Both simple and advanced configurations are covered.

This has been done using WebSphere Application Server V3.021 (OS/400, UNIX and Windows NT) and V3.5 (UNIX and Windows) Advanced Edition.

Table of contents

Part 1. WebSphere scalability overview
Chapter 1. WebSphere scalability overview and key concepts
Chapter 2. Techniques for WebSphere WLM and clustering
Chapter 3. Introduction to topologies

Part 2. Setting up your topology for UNIX and Windows
Chapter 4. Application Server clones
Chapter 5. OSE Remote
Chapter 6. Thick Servlet Redirector
Chapter 7. Thick Servlet Redirector with Admin Server agent
Chapter 8. Standalone (thin) Servlet Redirector
Chapter 9. Three-tier topologies
Chapter 10. Horizontal scaling with IBM Network Dispatcher

Part 3. Setting up your topology for OS/400
Chapter 11. AS/400 considerations
Chapter 12. Application Server clones
Chapter 13. OSE Remote
Chapter 14. Thick Servlet Redirector
Chapter 15. Standalone (thin) Servlet Redirector
Chapter 16. Horizontal scaling with IBM Network Dispatcher
Chapter 17. Three-tier topologies

Appendix A. Firewall considerations
Appendix B. WLM enabling EJBs
Appendix C. WLM tuning properties
Appendix D.Basic WebSphere operation
Appendix E. Multi-instance template for AS/400
Appendix F. Multi-instance template for AS/400 Admin-agent mode
Appendix G. Sample Network Dispatcher configuration script
Appendix H. Parameters for thin Servlet Redirector
Appendix I. Accessing remote DB2 UDB databases

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Publish Date
22 September 2000

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