Integrating XML with DB2 XML Extender and DB2 Text Extender

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This IBM Redbooks publication shows how to use XML technology efficiently in business applications, and explains how to integrate it with DB2 Universal Database, DB2 XML Extender and Text Extender, and WebSphere Application Server. This book will help developers to set up the environment and to create and process XML documents that can be stored and recovered using SQL.

In Part 1, we introduce the theory of XML, including some advantages of its use. We show its positioning in real-life situations and explain how to process XML using Java. Following this, we cover DB2 XML Extender, from its installation to enabling/disabling the database for XML. Then we cover DB2 Text Extender, also from its installation to the actual use of data. Finally, we offer some considerations on code pages and National Language Support.

In Part 2, we describe our XMLApp application, including two different implementations using XML Columns and XML Collections. We explain how to install both implementations in WebSphere Application Server, and how to install one of them in VisualAge for Java.

Anyone wanting to use XML technology to build better business solutions will benefit from reading this book.

Table of contents

Part 1. The theory of XML
Chapter 1. Introduction to XML
Chapter 2. DB2 XML Extender
Chapter 3. DB2 Text Extender
Chapter 4. Code page considerations
Part 2. The XMLapp application
Chapter 5. XMLapp application: scenario
Chapter 6. XMLapp: implementation with XML Columns
Chapter 7. XMLapp: implementation with XML Collections
Chapter 8. XMLapp: installing XML Columns version in WAS
Chapter 9. XMLapp: installing XML Collections version in WAS
Appendix A. XMLapp: installing XML Columns version in VAJ
Appendix B. XML extender diagnostic trace
Appendix C. Generic DB2 XML Extender servlet
Appendix D. Country codes / code pages supported by DB2 UDB
Appendix E. Using the additional material


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18 December 2000

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