Grid Services Programming and Application Enablement

An IBM Redbooks publication


The goal of this IBM Redbooks publication is to familiarize the user with the concepts of the OGSA (Open Grid Services Architecture), OGSI (Open Grid Services Infrastructure), Globus Toolkit V3.0, presenting concrete programmatic examples, and also introducing the enhanced features of the IBM Grid Toolbox.

We illustrate the various steps needed to develop a grid service application. Existing applications can be wrappered and made available as grid services or applications can be developed from scratch to take advantage of the grid service concepts and provide the benefits made possible by that grid service.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Service Oriented Architecture
Chapter 3. Open Grid Services Architecture
Chapter 4. Grid services development
Chapter 5. Major features of grid services
Chapter 6. Project and design of grid applications
Chapter 7. Case study: grid application enablement
Chapter 8. IBM Grid Toolbox basics
Appendix A. Sample code
Appendix B. Web service development
Appendix C. Java2WSDL and WSDL2Java
Appendix D. Tasks using ant
Appendix E. Delegation
Appendix F. Service Browser
Appendix G. WSRF


Publish Date
25 May 2004

Last Update
14 June 2004

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