PeopleSoft V8 on zSeries Using Sysplex Data Sharing and Enterprise Storage Systems

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This IBM Redbooks publication describes the implementation of PeopleSoft Version 8.4 on a zSeries Parallel Sysplex data sharing environment. It discusses the benefits of running PeopleSoft in a sysplex with data sharing, and explains the performance considerations and issues when implementing PeopleSoft in a data sharing environment.

The book also investigates the load balancing of PeopleSoft workloads using DB2 Connect to connect to the sysplex DB2 data sharing members. It describes functional and volume tests of load balancing, and a section about Enterprise Storage Systems describes PeopleSoft performance benefits when using ESS.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Benefits of zSeries sysplex data sharing for PeopleSoft
Chapter 2. Performance considerations: implementing PeopleSoft with Parallel Sysplex data sharing
Chapter 3. DB2 Connect architectures for PeopleSoft
Chapter 4. DB2 Connect EE setup
Chapter 5. Functional test of load balancing
Chapter 6. Volume tests of load balancing
Chapter 7. ESS performance considerations for PeopleSoft
Appendix A. PeopleSoft data sharing configuration (option 1): customer example
Appendix B. Test program to validate load balancing
Appendix C. FlashCopy using Mainstar MS/VCR


Publish Date
02 March 2004

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