Preparing for DB2 Near-Realtime Business Intelligence

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In this IBM Redbooks publication we discuss primary processes and various alternatives that prepare you in implementing a DB2 near-realtime business intelligence environment. We discuss architectural alternatives and include overviews of software products that you can use in an implementation. As a primary focus, we tested the capabilities for supporting continuous update of a DB2 data warehouse while running a continuous concurrent query workload against that data warehouse. We tested several implementation scenarios and the variables that impact them. The results of our testing and the issues we encountered are provided.
We used an IBM p-Series multiprocessor, along with a number of software products, including WebSphere MQ, DB2 MQ Listener, DB2 UDB, and DB2 Information Integrator - Replication Edition. We discuss ETL processing in a near-realtime environment, with reference to DB2 Warehouse Manager and DataStage from Ascential Software. We used WebSphere Studio Application Developer to generate online query applications, along with Java, SQL, and C-based stored procedures. We discuss DB2 Query Patroller and DB2 Governor.
We provide guidelines and recommended best practices, and this book is what you need to get prepared to implement near-realtime business intelligence in your environment.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction and management summary
Chapter 2. Near-realtime business intelligence
Chapter 3. Architectural considerations
Chapter 4. Products for near-realtime BI
Chapter 5. Planning the test environment
Chapter 6. The project environment
Chapter 7. Primary test scenarios
Chapter 8. Secondary test scenarios
Chapter 9. Conclusions and best practices
Appendix A. Ascential Software supports near-realtime BI
Appendix B. DB2 and realtime BI
Appendix C. Scenario tests: Data models
Appendix D. WebSphere MQ and DB2 MQ Listener
Appendix E. Stored procedures and scripts
Appendix F. Supplemental tests


Publish Date
15 March 2004

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01 April 2004

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