Customizing QuickPlace

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Published 22 December 2000

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ISBN-10: 0738421049
ISBN-13: 9780738421049
IBM Form #: SG24-6000-00
(452 pages)

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Authors: Soren Peter Nielsen, Jeffery Abel, John Black, Viktor Krantz, Angela Surkau, Anil Vohra, David Wyss


Lotus QuickPlace is the leading self-service Web tool for team collaboration. This IBM Redbooks publication is about how you as a Place owner, a Web designer, a programmer or a QuickPlace administrator can take QuickPlace to the next level through customization.
We show you how to apply your own unique graphic design to the QuickPlace user interface as well as how to add functionality using JavaScript. We show how you can develop forms (built-in, MS Office or HTML forms) and use the built-in workflow to support your process. Then we show how you can add automation by programming PlaceBots (agents) in LotusScript or Java. To develop advanced customizations in QuickPlace you have to understand the internals and how to modify them. We discuss this on chapters about the QuickPlace Object Model and the QuickPlace Developer’s Kit.
Even though QuickPlace is a self-service tool, there will often be a need to integrate with other systems and we show how you can integrate with Notes, Domino, Domino.Doc document management, the Domino Workflow product and we also discuss how to integrate QuickPlace in a portal.
Finally, we show how you can clone the Places you choose, together with their customization as PlaceTypes, and how to build a Turnkey server with your PlaceTypes and other customizations, for internal reuse or for resale.
Many examples are included throughout the book.

Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Why customize QuickPlace
3. Installation and setup
4. Creating a QuickPlace Theme
5. The Graphics server
6. Creating Forms
7. Using PlaceBots
8. The QuickPlace Object Model
9. QuickPlace events and the QDK
10. Integration with other applications
11. Creating PlaceTypes and a Turnkey Server
Appendix A. Accessing LDAP Directory via SSL in QuickPlace
Appendix B. QuickPlace for AS/400 considerations
Appendix C. QuickPlace utility programs
Appendix D. Domino URL Commands
Appendix E. Naming convention used
Appendix F. The Mapperizer PlaceBot.LSS
Appendix G. TheXRay Agent from TheXRay.nsf
Appendix H. EditFavorites.HTM page
Appendix I. ReplaceSubstring_ function
Appendix J. The extended QuickPlace object model map
Appendix K. Zen and the art of QuickPlace customization

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