An Introduction to IBM WebSphere Everyplace Suite Version 1.1 Accessing Web and Enterprise Applications

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 11 October 2000

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ISBN-10: 0738419346
ISBN-13: 9780738419343
IBM Form #: SG24-5995-00
(250 pages)

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Authors: Juan Rodriguez, Richard Appleby, Bernt Bisgaard, Hao Wang, Adrienne McGrory, Abdulamir Mryhij, Amy Patton, Muhammed Omarjee


This IBM Redbooks publication is about building business solutions using the IBM WebSphere Everyplace Suite Version 1.1 product to enable Web and enterprise application access from pervasive computing devices. It helps you to understand this product and focuses on implemented architectures and technologies included in this release such as wireless communications, transcoding, security, caching proxy, load balancing, messaging, and single sign-on, among others.

IBM WebSphere Everyplace Suite is an integrated end-to-end software solution for mobile e-business. In this book, you will find information that will help you plan to successfully implement solutions that businesses must address to be able to access Web and enterprise applications from desktop browsers and the new class of client devices such as WAP phones, Palm Pilots, WorkPads, and others.

A basic knowledge of HTTP and WAP protocols as well as some understanding of Web and Java technologies (XML, HTML, WML, servlets, and JSPs) and the terminology used in Web and enterprise applications is assumed.

Table of contents

Part 1. Introduction
Chapter 1. Evolution of e-business
Chapter 2. Product overview
Chapter 3. Architecture
Chapter 4. Performance and scalability
Chapter 5. Security
Part 2. Services
Chapter 6. Authentication
Chapter 7. Supporting wireless devices
Chapter 8. Transcoding Web application content
Chapter 9. Subscriber and device management
Chapter 10. Pervasive messaging and queuing
Part 3. Optimization
Chapter 11. Caching Proxy
Chapter 12. Load Balancer
Appendix A. Devices/networks supported by Everyplace Suite
Appendix B. Special notices

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