Getting the Most From Your Domino Directory

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From the very beginning, Domino Directory, originally known as the Name and Address Book (NAB), has been a key part of the Domino architecture. It has evolved from being specific to Lotus Notes and Domino to serving as a general purpose directory. This IBM Redbooks publication explains Domino Directory services, how to plan for and implement them, and how they can be extended to work with other directory services.
We start by discussing the purpose of this book and the IBM-Lotus strategy of directories. Then we explore the wide range of services that Domino Directory offers. We also discuss access to Domino Directory from an application development angle through protocols and technologies such as Notes API, LDAP, and JNDI.
In addition, we look at technical approaches to directory integration and also a few real world examples where Domino Directory integrates with other directories. Finally, we cover some good practices in designing a directory infrastructure.
This book is written for IT architects, Domino administrators, and other technical professionals involved with directory structures

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Domino Directory services
Chapter 3. Planning your directory services
Chapter 4. Setting up and configuring Domino Directory services
Chapter 5. Administering Domino Directory services
Chapter 6. Using Domino Directory services
Chapter 7. Directory integration
Appendix A. Industry groups
Appendix B. LDAP and X.500 Standards
Appendix C. Domino Directory forms
Appendix D. Syntax of LDAPSearch command
Appendix E. Description of test Environment
Appendix F. Sample code using the Notes API
Appendix G. Basic directory concepts
Appendix H. Directory schema


Publish Date
07 November 2000

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