IBM eServer zSeries 900 Technical Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication


This edition of the IBM eServer zSeries 900 Technical Guide contains additional and updated information on the following topics:
New 16 Turbo models
Customer Initiated Upgrade (CIU) support
Concurrent memory upgrades
Concurrent undo Capacity BackUp (CBU)
OSA-E High Speed Token Ring support
OSA-Express enhancements
Enhanced IBM PCI Cryptographic Accelerator (PCICA) for security
Customer-defined UDXs
FICON Express channel cards, CTC support, Cascading Directors support, 2Gbit/sec links
Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) support for SCSI devices
HiperSockets support
Intelligent Resource Director (IRD) LPAR CPU Management support for non-z/OS logical partitions
System Managed Coupling Facility Structure Duplexing
Message Time Ordering for Parallel Sysplex
64-bit support for Coupling Facility
RMF support for PCICA, PCICC, and CCF
RMF reporting on System Assist Processor (SAP)
Note that a chapter containing information on connectivity has been added to this edition, as well as a new appendix describing fiber cabling services.
This IBM Redbooks publication is intended for IBM systems engineers, consultants, and customers who need the latest information on z900 features, functions, availability, and services.

Table of contents

1. zSeries 900 overview
2. zSeries 900 system structure
3. Connectivity
4. Cryptography
5. Sysplex functions
6. Capacity upgrades
7. Software support
A. Reliability, availability, and serviceability functions
B. Hardware Management Console and Support Element
C. z900 opgrade paths
D. Resource Link
E. CHIPID Mapping Tool
F. Environmental requirements
G. Fiber cabling services


Publish Date
06 September 2002

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