An Approach to Designing e-business Solutions

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With the number of homes and businesses connected to the Internet increasing every year, many IBM customers will look to the Internet as a source of e-business opportunity, and look to you for help in designing e-business solutions and making purchase decisions.

This IBM Redbooks publication will help IBM technical professionals who are faced with proposing or designing an e-business solution for a customer, but are not certain how to perform that task. It is intended to guide these professionals in mapping IBM’s many e-business solutions to a customer’s business and technology requirements. Some level of familiarity with e-business technologies is assumed.

Designing an e-business solution is not a precise process; so no step-by-step checklists are provided, nor does this book attempt to be a comprehensive source of technical and product information. However, it does present a broadly defined approach that, when coupled with information on how and why key IBM e-business technologies apply, helps you design and propose an e-business solution to your customer.

Note: This book was issued as an Internal Document in December 1998. No updates have been made to the original text.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. e-business Solutions Approach Overview
Chapter 2. What is IBM e-business
Chapter 3. Gather Requirements
Chapter 4. Develop Architectural Alternatives
Chapter 5. Choose Architectural Alternative
Chapter 6. Select Components
Chapter 7. Summary
Appendix A. Proof of Concept (POC)
Appendix B. Test for Indicators of Performance (TIP)
Appendix C. Sample e-business Solution Designs
Appendix D. The WebSphere Family of Products
Appendix E. IBM Application Development Tools Classification
Appendix F. Other Design Methods and Sources of Information


Publish Date
30 December 1998

Last Update
01 March 2000

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