Managing OS/390 TCP/IP with SNMP

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This IBM Redbooks publication addresses the major networking issues facing many large enterprises today: how to manage IP resources on an OS/390 system and how to manage all IP resources in an IP network from an OS/390 system.
System Network Architecture (SNA) was the predominant network architecture for OS/390 systems and as the shift from this hierarchical structure to the heterogeneous peer-to-peer TCP/IP environment takes place, it becomes necessary for the network management infrastructure to adapt to the changing environment. The enterprise of today increasingly relies more on TCP/IP for both the network environment and applications. Effective and timely host management is essential for maintaining reliability and availability.
This book provides information that will help a network administrator to implement and configure the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) function of Communications Server for OS/390 IP Services and Tivoli NetView for OS/390.
The SNMP Version 3 (SNMPv3) function of CS for OS/390 provides a secure management environment that allows an OS/390 host to become a managed and/or managing node within the enterprise. Tivoli NetView for OS/390 provides a powerful, centralized interface for managing IP nodes regardless of which platform it is running on. In this book you will find many examples from the ITSO environment that will assist in managing OS/390 TCP/IP with SNMP.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. TCP/IP management overview
Chapter 2. SNMP configuration in OS/390 UNIX
Chapter 3. Managing OS/390 TCP/IP using SNMP
Chapter 4. IP Network Management with Tivoli NetView for OS/390
Chapter 5. NetView Management Console (NMC)
Appendix A. Working with the NetView SNMP command
Appendix B. Quality of Service (QoS)
Appendix C.Management Information Base (MIB) objects
Appendix D. NetView sample configuration
Appendix E. Configuration files used at ITSO Raleigh Center


Publish Date
13 June 2000

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