Linux for WebSphere and DB2 Servers

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This IBM Redbooks publication describes how to implement WebSphere Application Server, DB2 Universal Database, VisualAge for Java, Apache Web Server and IBM HTTP Server on the Linux operating system. We use four different distributions of the Linux operating system: Caldera OpenLinux, Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux and TurboLinux.
Furthermore the book provides a discussion of Java servlets including servlet programming model, design patterns for e-commerce using servlets and a comprehensive discussion of WebSphere Application Server security.

The book is divided into five parts.

In the first part we discuss IBM’s commitment to the Linux operating system and provide installation procedures for the different applications.

In the second part we discuss Web programming models, and include an overview of Java servlets, the advantages of servlets, and servlet programming.

Part 3 discusses WebSphere Application Server security, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and Extended Markup Language (XML). Also, part 3 discusses design patterns for e-commerce using servlets.

Part 4 discusses how to access 2- and 3-tier databases using DB2 Universal Database.

Part 5 contains three samples that will help to test your access to DB2. Part 5 also includes an appendix on how to install IBM HTTP Server with SSL.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 The Linux operating system
Chapter 2 IBM’s commitment to Linux
Chapter 3 e-business framework from IBM
Chapter 4 WebSphere, VisualAge for Java and DB2
Chapter 5 Hardware and software setup
Chapter 6 Web programming model
Chapter 7 Servlet programming model
Chapter 8 WebSphere Application Server technology
Chapter 9 Servlet design patterns for e-commerce
Chapter 10 Accessing DB2 data
Chapter 11 Sample Java JDBC programs
Chapter 12 Sample servlets without ConnMgr
Chapter 13 Sample servlets using ConnMgr
Appendix A Installing IBM HTTP Server Beta 3 with SSL

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06 October 1999

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