IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite V4.1 for OS/390: First Steps

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 04 April 2001

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ISBN-10: 0738418951
ISBN-13: 9780738418957
IBM Form #: SG24-5683-00
(226 pages)

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Authors: Erich Amrehn, Don Bagwell, Nick Carlin, Dave Hauser


WebSphere Commerce Suite V 4.1 is the latest offering in support of e-commerce for OS/390. It is a flexible, scalable, secure application suite that makes it easy to produce functionality for net-based commerce solutions.
This IBM Redbooks publication describes the architecture and features of WebSphere Commerce Suite, as well as presenting a review of the features carried forward from the predecessor product, Net.Commerce V3.1.2 for OS/390.
This book helps you plan for, install, configure, and tailor WebSphere Commerce Suite for OS/390. Detailed instructions for migrating from Net.Commerce to WebSphere Commerce Suite are provided. Step-by-step examples of creating and publishing a Web-based store, creating a customized on-line auction, and designing personalized pages are also presented.

Table of contents

1. An overview of WebSphere Commerce Suite OS/390
2. Prerequisites, installation and configuration
3. General migration considerations
4. Migrating the database
5. Using WebSphere Commerce Studio
6. Auction and personalization functions
App A. Common problems and their causes
App B. REXX sample programs

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