IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server Implementing ESS Copy Services with IBM eServer zSeries

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This IBM Redbooks publication describes the copy functions available with the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (ESS). The powerful ESS Copy Services functions are explained in detail, and their characteristics are thoroughly covered. This book also provides information on how to manage the various ESS Copy Services functions, and discusses their implementation.

This book applies to the ESS Models when used in the IBM eServer zSeries environments. Because this book provides a broad understanding of the ESS Copy Services functions, as well as presenting details about the management interfaces and the implementation considerations, it is a recommended manual for IT professionals who are planning the implementation of any of the ESS Copy Services functions in a zSeries environment, as well as for those who will manage these environments.

This fifth edition of the book has been updated with the latest ESS Copy Services announcements: Asynchronous PPRC can be used for a two site Disaster Recovery solution, a FlashCopy target can now be a PPRC primary, and there are several other updates associated with ESS LIC 2.4.0. These include the ESS Model 750 overview, minor additions for ESS API support, Multiple Device Manager Replication Manager, Asynchronous PPRC Utilities for Open System Environment, and Asynchronous PPRC Utilities for ICKDSF User.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - FlashCopy
Chapter 3 - Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy
Chapter 4 - Managing Copy Services
Chapter 5 - Solutions
Chapter 6 - Extended Remote Copy
Chapter 7 - Concurrent Copy
Chapter 8 - ESS Copy Services Web User Interface
Appendix A - ESS Application Programming Interface
Appendix B - Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex
Appendix C - Migrating from RVA to ESS
Appendix D - ESS Copy Services feature codes
Appendix E - System Adapter ID

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Publish Date
13 July 2004

Last Update
04 August 2004

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