e-business Cookbook for z/OS Volume I: Technology Introduction

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Published 31 July 2002, updated 07 August 2002

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ISBN-10: 0738425362
ISBN-13: 9780738425368
IBM Form #: SG24-5664-01
(226 pages)

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Authors: Tamas Vilaghy


This IBM Redbooks publication is the first volume in the "e-business Cookbook for z/OS" series. It provides an overview of e-business and how it relates to zSeries and its z/OS operating system.
The technology portfolio on z/OS in the e-business enablement arena is growing rapidly. Multiple solutions are possible, each requiring a different set of products. In this book we define several scenarios, each using a different "style" of technology. The scenario you adopt is dependent on your strategy, the skills in your organization, and the functionality you need. Within that scenario, various technology options are available; your selections will depend mostly on the subsystems deployed in your organization.
The other volumes in this series are e-business Cookbook for z/OS, Volume II: Infrastructure, SG24-5981, and e-business Cookbook for z/OS, Volume III: Java Development, SG24-5980. They address the implementation and configuration of the technology, and describe how to develop solutions.

Table of contents

Part 1 Overview
Ch. 1 Introduction
Ch. 2 Technology overviews
Ch. 3 The components of e-business
Ch. 4 Sample scenarios
Ch. 5 Transaction services
Ch. 6 Security management
Ch. 7 Managing workload
Part 2 The components in detail
Ch. 8 The IBM HTTP Server
Ch. 9 WebSphere Plugin environment
Ch. 10 J2EE Application Server
Ch. 11 WebSphere MQ
Ch. 12 DB2
Ch. 13 CICS
Ch. 14 IMS
Part 3 Application development
Ch. 15 Application design
Ch. 16 Application development
Ch. 17 Development tools

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