Managing AS/400 V4R4 with Operations Navigator

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Operations Navigator brings a Windows-like graphical interface to configuring, monitoring, and managing the OS/400 environment. This book gives you insight into the wide range of AS/400 functions available through the AS/400 Operations Navigator graphical interface that comes packaged with AS/400 Client Access Express for Windows V4R4M0. It provides you with a moderate level overview of the AS/400 Operations Navigator’s interface and functionality, correlates Operations Navigator functions with corresponding OS/400 command functions, and, in many cases, gives tips on how to use these functions. This publication is intended to help two sets of AS/400 users who have some level of management responsibilities for an AS/400 system: those familiar with the OS/400 command level interface to system facilities and those new to the OS/400, but who are familiar with Windows-like graphical interfaces to system facilities.

Table of contents

Part 1: Operations Navigator functions
Chapter 1. Overview of AS/400 Operations Navigator
Chapter 2. Installation and general navigation
Chapter 3. Basic operations
Chapter 4. Job management
Chapter 5. Network
Chapter 6. Configuration and Service
Chapter 7. Security
Chapter 8. Users and Groups
Chapter 9. Authorization Lists and System Policies
Chapter 10. Permissions
Chapter 11. Database administration
Chapter 12. File Systems
Chapter 13. Multimedia
Chapter 14. Backup
Chapter 15. Application Development
Chapter 16. Application Administration
Chapter 17. Plug-in support
Chapter 18. Management Central
Part 2: AS/400 Information Center
Chapter 19. Using AS/400 Information Center
Appendix A. Operations Navigator: Functionality for OS/400 releases
Appendix B. Operations Navigator: Planned enhancements

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Publish Date
28 April 2000

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