AS/400 Mail: Multiple SMTP Domains Behind a Firewall

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Learn how to plan, install, tailor, configure, and troubleshoot a firewall installation that supports e-mail. This IBM Redbooks publication provides sample scenarios that demonstrate several ways to handle multiple SMTP mail domains behind a firewall. We use two firewall products in these samples: IBM Firewall for AS/400 and IBM eNetwork Firewall for Windows NT V3. This book targets the needs of analysts, consultants, and support people that will design, install, and configure the e-mail environment.

For the e-mail functions, this book shows both base AS/400 Mail Server Framework (MSF) SMTP and POP server support, as well as using Lotus Domino R4.66 and Lotus Domino R5.03. The samples do not specifically include IBM SecureWay Firewall V4.1 for Windows NT announced September 28, 1999. However, the demonstrated techniques can be applied using the new product as well as firewalls from other vendors. The configuration of other firewall functions are not specifically covered in this book. You may need to refer to other firewall documentation for additional configuration information.

This book also covers basic Domino setup to support mail environments. Some knowledge of the AS/400 platform and TCP/IP is assumed.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. What is new in the IBM Firewall for AS/400 V4R4
Chapter 2. Planning your mail environment
Chapter 3. One domain with subdomains on a single system
Chapter 4. Multiple domains on a single system
Chapter 5. Multiple domains on multiple systems
Chapter 6. Single domain with a fanout to multiple systems
Chapter 7. Problem determination
Chapter 8. Installing a Windows NT Server to support firewalls
Appendix A. Implementing other firewall functions
Appendix B. Using virtual IP addresses
Appendix C. DNS concepts
Appendix D. Firewall concepts


Publish Date
26 December 1999

Last Update
07 January 2000

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