Building AS/400 Applications for IBM WebSphere Standard Edition 2.0

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Java and the AS/400 system are the perfect companions to enable your business for the Internet. Java allows you to build platform-independent e-business applications, while the AS/400 system provides a powerful, scalable server on which you can run your applications. The IBM WebSphere Application Server pulls it all together. This IBM Redbooks publication describes the WebSphere Application Server Standard Edition and its uses. It also explains how to install and configure it, and how to create multiple instances of WebSphere on your AS/400 system. Plus, it covers building Java servlets and JavaServer Pages and deploying them on the AS/400 system. This book is intended for anyone who wants to use Java on the AS/400 system and who wants to use their AS/400 system as a Java server.

With the WebSphere Application Server, you can manage and deploy server side Web-based applications. Being able to deploy and manage applications from one, centralized tool, makes WebSphere useful for creating intranets and for putting your business out on the Internet. With the WebSphere Application Server for AS/400, your simple Web site can be transformed into a powerful e-business Web site.

This book focuses on building and deploying Java servlets and JavaServer Pages and using them to access AS/400 resources. It provides many practical programming examples, with detailed explanations of how they work. These examples are also available for downloading from the Internet site at:

This book gives you a fast start on your way to using server side Java on your AS/400 system. To effectively use this book, you should be familiar with Java programming and how Java is implemented on the AS/400 system.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to the IBM WebSphere family
Chapter 2. Installation and configuration
Chapter 3. AS/400 servlet application development scenarios
Chapter 4. AS/400 JSP application development scenarios
Chapter 5. Advanced development scenarios
Chapter 6. Security considerations
Chapter 7. Debugging Java programs on the AS/400 system
Chapter 8. Troubleshooting WebSphere problems
Chapter 9. Application performance analysis
Appendix A. Example programs
Appendix B. Sample code

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Publish Date
03 February 2000

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