OS/390 Security Server 1999 Updates: Installation Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 22 August 2000

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ISBN-10: 0738416347
ISBN-13: 9780738416342
IBM Form #: SG24-5629-00
(448 pages)

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Authors: Paul DeGraaff, Ted Anderson, Pekka Hanninen, Jack Jones, Patrick Kappeler


This IBM Redbooks publication will help you to install, configure and exploit the latest security enhancements to the SecureWay Security Server for OS/390 and the IBM Communication Server.

Using examples, we show you how to maximize the new Public Key Infrastructure enhancements that have been made to RACF, as well as exert more control over UNIX System Services superusers by using the new RACF security facilities.

With Directory Services becoming ever more important in an e-business security infrastructure, we illustrate how to set up LDAP on OS/390.

And as Virtual Private Network (VPN) becomes more accepted, OS/390 has a role in this area too. The new Internet Key Exchange (IKE) support will enable interoperability with other platforms, firewall, and VPN clients, and we describe how you can set up VPN support on OS/390.

This book is the companion to OS/390 Security Server 1999 Updates: Technical Presentation Guide, SG24-5627.

Table of contents

Part 1 Introduction
Chapter 1. SecureWay Security Server for OS/390
Part 2 Enhancements to SecureWay Security Server for OS/390
Chapter 2. OS/390 cryptographic cervices
Chapter 3. Digital certificate support enhancements
Chapter 4. OS/390 UNIX security enhancement
Chapter 5. LDAP Server
Chapter 6. RACFICE reporting made easy
Chapter 7. Java for OS/390 Security Services
Chapter 8. DB2 Version 6 external security enhancements
Part 3. IBM Communication Server for OS/390 security enhancements
Chapter 9. OS/390 Firewall Technologies enhancements
Chapter 10. Enabling SSL on Telnet
Appendix A. Configurations files used on MVS39
Appendix B. $$CNTL$$ member
Appendix C. Sample reports
Appendix D. RACF list of certificate authority certificates
Appendix E. VPN planning worksheet

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