Fiber Saver (2029) Implementation Guide

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Published 12 April 2001, updated 07 August 2001

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ISBN-10: 0738422444
ISBN-13: 9780738422442
IBM Form #: SG24-5608-02
(250 pages)

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Authors: Bill White, Guy Donny, Helen Howard, Attila Husz, Lih Wen Hwang


IBM offers a Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) solution with the IBM Fiber Saver (2029). The IBM 2029 provides data transport capabilities for data center applications such as:
-Data center backup and recovery
-DASD mirroring
-Tape vaulting and remote printing
-Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (GDPS)
-LAN interconnectivity
-Channel extension
-Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (PPRC)
-Storage Area Network (SAN)
This IBM Redbooks publication is for technical professionals who are interested in a metropolitan area network (MAN) solution for their data center, using DWDM technology.
This document gives a broad understanding of the IBM 2029 architecture and application, and provides information to help plan, implement, configure, and manage an IBM 2029 network. It also contains a discussion on how to design/create a solution to migrate from an IBM 9729 to an IBM 2029.
A walkthrough of the commissioning and provisioning process, as well as practical examples for problem determination, are also included.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview
Chapter 2. Technical description
Chapter 3. Data center environment
Chapter 4. Network planning and design
Chapter 5. System management connectivity
Chapter 6. Configuring the network
Chapter 7. Dual Fiber Switch (DFS)
Chapter 8. Hardware Management Console (HMC)
Chapter 9. Problem determination using the System Manager
Appendix A. Network installation worksheets
Appendix B. Fiber optic overview and specifications
Appendix C. Physical specifications

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