Lotus Domino R5.0 Enterprise Integration: Architecture and Products

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Lotus® provides services for connecting Domino to a variety of enterprise systems, such as relational database management, transaction processing, resource planning applications and unstructured data. This IBM Redbooks publication describes Domino’s open architecture for enterprise integration and the associated products. It presents detailed discussion about using Domino Enterprise Connection Services (DECS), which provide a real-time forms-based interface to enterprise data, and Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI) the successor to NotesPump, which provides scheduled and event-driven high-speed data transfer capabilities between Domino and enterprise systems.

Also discussed are the programming interfaces used in enterprise integration, including the Lotus Connector LotusScript Extension, the Lotus Connector Java classes and the Lotus Connector Toolkit, as well as the product-specific LotusScript Extensions (SAP R/3, MQSeries, DB2 and ODBC). Additional integration methods are described in detail, including Java Database Connectivity, CORBA, ActiveX Data Object, NotesSQL, and Servlets.

Finally, this book includes Enterprise Integration decision charts, and leads you through the steps necessary to select the best integration tools for your particular requirements. This book is useful for anyone interested in planning for, implementing, or administering Domino integration into an enterprise system.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview
Chapter 2. Domino Enterprise Connection Services
Chapter 3. Lotus Enterprise Integrator
Chapter 4. Connector Programming Interfaces
Chapter 5. Lotus EI Product Updates
Chapter 6. Additional Integration Methods
Chapter 7. Which Tools to Use When


Publish Date
09 August 1999

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