Lotus Domino for AS/400 R5: Implementation

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Domino R5 is Lotus' new generation of Internet products. This IBM Redbooks publication helps you implement and administer this exciting new release on the AS/400 with Lotus Domino for AS/400. This book is written for technical specialists and programmers, who are IBM customers and business partners. It also serves as an education tool for the general IBM and Lotus community. By reading this book, you are sure to obtain a solid technical understanding of how to deploy Domino for AS/400. Use this book to take full advantage of the function and flexibility of Lotus Domino, together with the reliability and security of the AS/400 platform for your Domino server.

The Domino Server Family is an integrated messaging and Web application software platform for companies that need to improve customer responsiveness and streamline business processes. For those organizations that need to deliver secure, interactive Web applications, and a rock solid infrastructure for messaging and collaboration, Domino servers are the proven choice.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview of Lotus Domino for AS/400
Chapter 2. Installing and setting up Domino for AS/400
Chapter 3. Adding a Domino server to an existing organization
Chapter 4. Lotus Domino for AS/400 commands
Chapter 5. Basic server administration
Chapter 6. Advanced Domino Services for the AS/400 system
Chapter 7. Lotus Domino for AS/400 and SMTP
Chapter 8. Graphical user interface of Operations Navigator
Chapter 9. Lotus Domino and the Internet
Chapter 10. Backup and recovery
Chapter 11. Directory synchronization
Chapter 12. Domino for AS/400 Single Logon
Chapter 13. Dial-up connectivity
Chapter 14. Migration from other Domino platforms
Appendix A. Copying ID files using FTP
Appendix B. Domino Administrator
Appendix C. Using Facsimile Support for AS/400
Appendix D. LPAR and clustering

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Publish Date
11 January 2001

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