Using VTAM Generic Resources with IMS

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This IBM Redbooks publication provides a discussion of the use of VTAM Generic Resources (VGR) in an IMS environment.

This book will help you install, tailor and configure the use of VGR in IMS. Using generic resources in a sysplex environment provides greater flexibility in defining resources and the interconnection of the resources.

VGR is all about increasing availability to the end-user in the event of a failure scenario. Its ease of use and dynamic workload balancing allows for better exploitation of Parallel Sysplex features, resulting in a single view being presented to the end-user.

This book will discuss the use of generic resources and how IMS and VTAM will coordinate the use of those resources. It will explain the effect of failures upon application sessions across the network or IMS.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introducing VTAM Generic Resources for IMS
Chapter 2. The VGR function of VTAM
Chapter 3. Managing affinities and significant status
Chapter 4. Implementing VGR for IMS
Chapter 5. Customizing VGR for IMS
Chapter 6. Operating in a VGR environment


Publish Date
05 November 1999

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