Maintaining Your SMS Environment

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When did you last look at how your SMS environment is set up? Are your data classifications still valid? How do you maintain your SMS environment? Are your automatic class selection (ACS) routines assigning the correct data class, storage class, management class, and storage group to each data set?

Each new release of DFSMS/MVS provides function that is available only to installations that have implemented SMS. Implementing DFSMS or any change that affects the DFSMS environment must be tested. The results from the DFSMS configuration are unpredictable if the ACS routines have logic errors, or if there are data sets the routines are not coded to handle. The DFSMS/MVS NaviQuest tool provides a testing framework that you can use whether you are implementing SMS for the first time, or you are changing or performing ongoing ACS and configuration maintenance. Enhancements in DFSMS/MVS Version 1.5 allows you to set up and manage an SMS configuration in batch using NaviQuest. The NaviQuest interface is accessible from an application program or a REXX EXEC.

This IBM Redbooks publication provides a hands-on guide to using the IBM-provided tool for managing your SMS environment. The NaviQuest functions, both interactively and in batch, are the main focus of this book. SMS implementation basics, NaviQuest setup and practical examples, and hints and tips from our practical experience are provided to help the storage administrator modify, test, and maintain the SMS configuration.

This book applies to Version 1 Release 5 of DFSMS/MVS, Program Number 5695-DF1 for use with Release 7 of OS/390, and all subsequent releases and modifications, unless otherwise indicated in new editions.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Managing your storage environment
Chapter 2. Tools for managing SMS
Chapter 3. SMS administration tasks
Chapter 4. NaviQuest usage hints and tips
Appendix A. Code and output samples


Publish Date
18 May 2000

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