A Practical Guide to Implementing Tivoli Storage Manager on AS/400

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This IBM Redbooks publication provides a structured introduction to distributed data management within a heterogeneous AS/400 centric environment using Tivoli Storage Manager, Tivoli’s strategic storage and data management solution. Its intent is to provide aid in installing, tailoring, and configuring the Tivoli Storage Manager software on an AS/400 system as well as integrating Tivoli Storage Manager with BRMS/400. Practical scenarios, including a complete AS/400 disaster recovery, are discussed in order to provide you with a variety of application examples.

The book is targeted at IT managers as well as AS/400 system or storage administrators who need to understand how Tivoli Storage Manager can be exploited for a complete data management solution. This includes backup and recovery of servers and workstations in a heterogeneous AS/400 centric environment on a conceptual and practical level. Useful prerequisites for reading this book are basic skills in AS/400 administration and data management as well as knowledge of BRMS/400 data management concepts.

Table of contents

Part 1. Concepts
Chapter 1. Introduction to AS/400 data management
Chapter 2. Introduction to Tivoli Storage Manager
Chapter 3. Tivoli Storage Manager and the AS/400 system
Part 2. Installing and configuring Tivoli Storage Manager
Chapter 4. Setting up a Tivoli Storage Manager/400 server
Chapter 5. Setting up a BRMS API client on an AS/400 system
Chapter 6. Server storage management
Chapter 7. Tivoli Storage Manager policy and automation
Chapter 8. Protecting the Tivoli Storage Manager/400 server
Chapter 9. Tivoli Storage Manager advanced features
Part 3. Practical scenarios
Chapter 10. AS/400 backup and recovery scenarios
Chapter 11. AS/400 Integrated Netfinity Server
Chapter 12. Tivoli Storage Manager and AS/400 logical partitions
Chapter 13. Care and feeding
Appendix A. Setting up TCP/IP on an AS/400
Appendix B. Tivoli Disaster Recovery Manager scenario and checklist


Publish Date
19 June 2000

Last Update
22 September 2004

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