Intelligent Miner for Data: Enhance Your Business Intelligence

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Competitive business pressures and a desire to leverage existing information technology investments have led many firms to explore the benefits of data mining technology. This technology is designed to help businesses discover hidden patterns in their data—patterns that can help them understand the purchasing behavior of their key customers, detect likely credit card or insurance claim fraud, predict probable changes in financial markets, and so on. Using Intelligent Miner, you can increasingly leverage the data warehouse and more quickly derive business value from that investment.
This IBM Redbooks publication will help you design and implement a solution to enhance an existing Business Intelligence environment with the functionality of data mining. It will also help you install, tailor, and configure the Intelligent Miner for Data product on all available platforms.

First, we introduce the concepts of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), and data mining. We discuss the benefit of data mining and the necessary tasks that must be performed when planning for an implementation of this technology, including such topics as data sources, data transformation, data placement, and security.

Next, we introduce the Intelligent Miner for Data product, and describe the environment used at the International Technical Support Organization, including some data mining techniques using this data warehouse.

Finally, we provide instructions for installing the product on all available platforms, covering Windows NT, AIX, Sun Solaris, OS/400, and OS/390.

Table of contents

Part 1. Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Mining
Chapter 1. Business Intelligence and Data Mining
Chapter 2. Getting Started with Data Mining
Chapter 3. Data Considerations for Data Mining
Chapter 4. Introduction to IBM Intelligent Miner for Data
Chapter 5. Implementing IM in the ITSO Environment
Part 2. Installation and Configuration of Intelligent Miner for Data
Chapter 6. Implementation on Windows NT
Chapter 7. Implementation on AIX
Chapter 8. Implementation on Sun Solaris
Chapter 9. Implementation on OS/400
Appendix A. Using DB2 V 2.1 or DataJoiner on AIX
Appendix B. Intelligent Miner for Data Installation Sample JCL


Publish Date
02 July 1999

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