IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server: Implementing the ESS in Your Environment

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Since the initial availability of the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) there have been many modifications and additional functionality. The original ESS Implementation Guide was written in November 1999. The 2002 version is an updated guide that includes all of the changes since then.

This IBM Redbooks publication is a guide for the installation, implementation, and administration activities of the ESS in both the S/390 and open systems environments. It will help you plan and accomplish the installation, tailoring, and configuration of the ESS in your environment. It explains how you can use the functions available for the ESS to efficiently manage your disk storage data as well as the ESS, once it is operative.

We cover the latest announcements on the ESS: disk capacity intermix; 72.8 GB capacity disk drive; flexible configurations; Control Unit Initiated Reconfiguration (CUIR) support; large volume support (LVS); read from secondary; ESS Master Console; Subsystem Device Driver (SDD) and the Command Line Interface (CLI) support for additional operating systems; INRANGE Channel Extender support; TPF support for PPRC and FlashCopy.

We also provide information on the new models F10 and F20; FICON native host attachment; new Fibre Channel/FICON host adapters (short wave and long wave); Linux support for Intel-based servers and zSeries servers; iSeries and AS/400 support for copy services; and new cache options.

Table of contents

Part 1. Characteristics, planning, and installation
Chapter 1. Introduction and positioning
Chapter 2. Configuration planning
Chapter 3. Physical installation planning
Chapter 4. Availability
Chapter 5. IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server Specialist
Chapter 6. IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server Expert
Part 2. Implementation in the zSeries environment
Chapter 7. zSeries systems support
Chapter 8. CKD storage configuration
Chapter 9. S/390 and zSeries host setup tasks
Chapter 10. Data migration in the zSeries environment
Chapter 11. Managing and monitoring the ESS
Chapter 12. ESS Copy Services for S/390
Part 3. Implementation in the open systems environment
Chapter 13. Open systems support
Chapter 14. Open systems host setup tasks
Chapter 15. ESS configuration for open systems fixed block storage
Chapter 16. Data migration in the open systems environment
Chapter 17. Managing and monitoring the ESS
Chapter 18. ESS Copy Services for open systems
Appendix A. ESS configuration planning process

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Publish Date
28 March 2002

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