Implementing SSA's eBPCS on the AS/400 System

An IBM Redbooks publication


The SSA eBPCS Implementation for AS/400 IBM Redbooks publication contains a collection of knowledge derived from existing documentation and from SSA consultants and AS/400 professionals who have experience with eBPCS and the AS/400 system. This book is designed to assist SSA eBPCS customers, eBPCS consultants, business partners, and IBM technical and service representatives. It targets professionals who are directly involved with implementing a total business solution consisting of AS/400 hardware, OS/400, eBPCS solutions, DB2/400 database, and supplemental solution products. This book provides a detailed guide that explains specific tasks associated with implementing eBPCS on the AS/400 system.

In this book, you explore the following topics:

- Introduction to SSA
- Introduction to the AS/400 system and architecture
- eBPCS product line and architecture
- eBPCS installation and configuration
- Sizing
- Database
- Printing
- Security
- eBPCS work management and performance tuning
- eBPCS in an LPAR environment
- Problem determination and resolution
- Helpful hints, tips, and techniques

Plus, this book addresses support structures, and supplemental products from SSA partners in the Portfolio strategy.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to SSA
Chapter 2. AS/400 introduction
Chapter 3. eBPCS architecture and products
Chapter 4. AS/400 architecture
Chapter 5. eBPCS sizing
Chapter 6. Installation or migration to eBPCS V6.1.00
Chapter 7. Database and the integrated file system (IFS)
Chapter 8. Printing
Chapter 9. Security
Chapter 10. eBPCS work management
Chapter 11. Performance tuning and management
Chapter 12. Logical Partitioning
Chapter 13. SSA product global support structure
Chapter 14. Problem determination
Chapter 15. Tips and techniques
Appendix A. TCP/IP basic installation and configurations
Appendix B. AS/400 Client Access Express for Windows
Appendix C. AS/400 Operations Navigator
Appendix D. Complementary products
Appendix E. AS/400 advanced technology
Appendix F. eBPCS supported languages


Publish Date
28 December 1999

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