How to Replace OfficeVision/400 in Your Applications: Looking at Domino for AS/400 and AS/400 Alternatives

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In February 1999, IBM announced that OS/400 Version 4 Release 4 is the last release of the operating system that OfficeVision/400 and OfficeVision JustMail for OS/400 will support. IBM does not plan to enhance OfficeVision/400 or JustMail to support any future versions or releases of OS/400. This IBM Redbooks publication describes Domino for AS/400 and AS/400 alternative services and APIs. It also provides several sample applications, including OfficeVision/400 sample applications, as a starting point. It is intended for use by those AS/400 customers, Business Partners, and software vendors who have developed applications that use the functions included in, or associated with, OfficeVision/400. It is also suitable for those who wish to develop similar new applications without previous experience with OfficeVision/400.

According to the OfficeVision/400 has Software Services Extended software announcement 299-192, dated July 20, 1999, the support for OfficeVision/400 (5769-WP1 and 5649-WP3) will be extended to one additional OS/400 release after Version 4 Release 4. Many customers are now looking to discontinue the use of OfficeVision/400. Many have started moving to Lotus Domino for AS/400 for their mail and calendaring needs and for building modern groupware, Internet-enabled applications.

However, customers must consider the AS/400 line of business applications they have that use OfficeVision/400 APIs. In many cases, they may not even know that they are using OfficeVision/400 APIs. It is important for them to identify in what ways they depend on OfficeVision/400.

Customers also need to select the best option to replace functions using OfficeVision/400 services. This may be to redesign the application to become a partly Domino application, to change the AS/400 program to call Domino APIs, or to use an add-on product to Domino. It also may be using other AS/400 available functions or applications. Read this book to learn about the alternatives that are available for you.

Table of contents

Migrating from OfficeVision/400
Chapter 1. OfficeVision/400
Chapter 2. Looking at OfficeVision/400 usage
Chapter 3. Looking at alternatives for OfficeVision/400
Chapter 4. The migration and coexistence project
Part 2. Replacing OV/400 APIs
Chapter 5. Calendar services
Chapter 6. Directory services
Chapter 7. Distribution services
Chapter 8. Document library services
Chapter 9. Editor services
Chapter 10. Administrator and security functions
Chapter 11. Miscellaneous services
Part 3. Sample applications
Chapter 12. Calendar services samples
Chapter 13. Data/text merge services samples
Chapter 14. Help sample
Chapter 15. Distribution services samples
Chapter 16. Document library services samples
Part 4. Appendices
Appendix A. OfficeVision/400 related CL commands, APIs, user exits
Appendix B. OfficeVision/400-related database files
Appendix C. Applications and tools
Appendix D. IBM OfficeVision/400 support withdrawal announcement
Appendix E. OV/400 software services extension announcement
Appendix F. Migration tools for AS/400 Version 2
Appendix G. Migration tools for AS/400 Version 2.2
Appendix H. BNDW for AS/400
Appendix I. EverGreen/400
Appendix J. DTM for AS/400
Appendix K. Intelligent Text Processing/Client Server
Appendix L. Data/Text Merge for Notes/Domino
Appendix M. Description of the command TOFCVTSF
Appendix N. Example programs

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21 September 1999

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