Make Your AS/400 System Year 2000 Ready

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The world has massed volumes of material about how to ensure your AS/400 system is Year 2000 ready. You can find an enormous wealth of information available both on paper and online through the Internet. With so many sources to turn to, how do you know which is the right one for you?

As the Year 2000 approaches, the guide you really need is right here. This IBM Redbooks publication is designed specifically for the IBM AS/400 system or System/36 Y2K project manager or system administrator. It offers practical information you need to assist in preparing your systems for the turn of the century. This book helps you explore your options, identify worldwide resources, and execute a project determined to make your AS/400 system Year 2000 ready.

This book contains a collection of information to help you determine whether your AS/400 system hardware and OS/400 operating system are Year 2000 ready. This information includes AS/400 hardware requirements, OS/400 operating system releases, licensed program products, how to move to a Year 2000 ready environment, and the vital steps involved in testing Year 2000 dates on your AS/400 system.

The first three chapters lead you through these steps, focusing specifically on the AS/400 system. These chapters include valuable information about preparing, backing up, and testing your AS/400 system.

No computer system stands alone in a customer’s information systems department. The next chapters address what you need to know about some of the other IBM systems, new and old, that you may find still attached to your AS/400 system. For example, Chapter 4 targets customers who still plan to retain this product in the short term. Then, the chapters that follow review PC hardware and software issues. For example, Chapter 5 addresses bringing PCs into Year 2000 readiness, and Chapter 6 covers the Client Access/400 licensed program. Chapter 7 focuses on System/34 and System/38 concerns.

Throughout this document, we refer you directly to the worldwide resources that can help you succeed with your Year 2000 project. As an alternative to reading through the entire document to find those key answers and resources, we include two appendices which consolidate this information. Appendix A addresses frequently asked questions, and Appendix B offers a quick reference guide for useful Year 2000 related links and resources. As an added bonus, all URLs throughout the book, when viewed online, link you directly to the site you need. With so much information right at your fingertips, you have all you need to make your AS/400 Year 2000 ready.
This book is available in softcopy (PDF) format.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Getting Your AS/400 System Year 2000 Ready
Chapter 3. Backup and Testing Your AS/400 System
Chapter 4. System/36 Concerns
Chapter 5. A Year 2000 Readiness Plan for PCs
Chapter 6. Client Access/400 Concerns
Chapter 7. System/34 and System/38 Concerns
Appendix A. Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix B. Useful Year 2000 Related Links and Resources

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Publish Date
28 April 1999

Last Update
21 October 1999

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