RS/6000 SP: Practical MPI Programming

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This IBM Redbooks publication helps you write MPI (Message Passing Interface) programs that run on distributed memory machines such as the RS/6000 SP. This publication concentrates on the real programs that RS/6000 SP solution providers want to parallelize. Complex topics are explained using plenty of concrete examples and figures.

The SPMD (Single Program Multiple Data) model is the main topic throughout this publication.

The basic architectures of parallel computers, models of parallel computing, and concepts used in the MPI, such as communicator, process rank, collective communication, point-to-point communication, blocking and non-blocking communication, deadlocks, and derived data types are discussed.

Methods of parallelizing programs using distributed data to processes followed by the superposition, pipeline, twisted decomposition, and prefix sum methods are examined.

Individual algorithms and detailed code samples are provided. Several programming strategies described are; two-dimensional finite difference method, finite element method, LU factorization, SOR method, the Monte Carlo method, and molecular dynamics. In addition, the MPMD (Multiple Programs Multiple Data) model is discussed taking coupled analysis and a master/worker model as examples. A section on Parallel ESSL is included.

A brief description of how to use Parallel Environment for AIX Version 2.4 and a reference of the most frequently used MPI subroutines are enhanced with many illustrations and sample programs to make it more readable than the MPI Standard or the reference manual of each implementation of MPI.

We hope this publication will erase of the notion that MPI is too difficult, and will provide an easy start for MPI beginners.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Parallel Programming
Chapter 2. Basic Concepts of MPI
Chapter 3. How to Parallelize Your Program
Chapter 4. Advanced MPI Programming
Appendix A. How to Run Parallel Jobs on RS/6000 SP
Appendix B. Frequently Used MPI Subroutines Illustrated


Publish Date
20 August 1999

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