IBM Firewall for AS/400 V4R3: VPN and NAT Support

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This IBM Redbooks publication describes how to implement the new functions of IBM Firewall for AS/400 in Version 4 Release 3: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Network Address Translation (NAT).

This book helps you to:

- Identify the benefits of NAT and VPNs in general.
- Implement NAT and VPN in IBM Firewall for AS/400 in particular.
- Successfully implement both functions in their environments.

This book includes scenarios that help firewall administrators identify the benefits of using NAT to implement public servers behind the firewall or, if necessary, to provide internal clients an alternative for SOCKS or Proxy to access Internet servers. Scenarios in this book describe how to setup virtual private networks based on IP Security (IP Sec) standards, over the Internet backbone using IP tunnelling. Examples include connections between two sites of the same company (fully trusted VPN) and business-to-business connections (partially trusted VPN). Problem determination techniques for several scenarios are also included. An outlook is provided for secure access from remote TELNET clients, and a tactical solution is explained.

The intended audience for this book includes firewall or network administrators, consultants, and AS/400 specialists who plan to configure, implement, and maintain IBM Firewall for AS/400 in V4R3.

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03 February 1999

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