Lotus Notes and Domino R5.0 Security Infrastructure Revealed

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication describes how to build a secure infrastructure with Lotus Notes and Domino R5.0. It reveals the following:

- The strong security infrastructure that has always been part of Notes and Domino
- How Notes and Domino R5.0 supports today's open Internet security standards (X.509)
- How Domino can be part of full security solutions that go beyond single systems, single platforms and single companies

First we introduce basic security concepts and the Domino family in general. We will then describe the public key infrastructure that has always been a
part of Notes. We will discuss the content of the Notes ID, certification hierarchies, and authentication between client and server, and we will explain how mail encryption and mail signing work in Notes.

Following that, we discuss how Domino supports secure Internet protocols such as SSL and S/MIME using X.509 certificates. We show how to acquire an X.509 certificate from a browser or a Notes client, and how to set up a Domino server as a Certificate Authority.

The latter part of the book is about Domino as part of a full security solution. A chapter is dedicated to Domino and firewalls. Examples are given of how to replicate or how to send SMTP mail through a firewall.

In the last chapter, we discuss the directory requirements for single sign on (SSO) solutions. We show how Domino Directory supports directory catalogs and can act as an LDAP service provider. We also discuss how Domino and IS can be integrated and allow single sign on. Finally, single sign on for Domino users running against Windows NT and OS/400 is discussed.

This book is written for Domino technical specialists and administrators, customers, Business Partners, and members of the IBM and Lotus community who need a good technical understanding of how to deploy Lotus Notes and Domino R5.0 in a secure environment.

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06 May 1999

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