A Comprehensive Guide to Virtual Private Networks, Volume III: Cross-Platform Key and Policy Management

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The Internet nowadays is not only a popular vehicle to retrieve and exchange information in traditional ways, such as e-mail, file transfer and Web surfing. It is being used more and more by companies to replace their existing telecommunications infrastructure with virtual private networks by implementing secure IP tunnels across the Internet between corporate sites as well as to business partners and remote usres.

This IBM Redbooks publication closely examines the functionality of the Internet Key Exchange protocol (IKE) - which is derived from the Internet Security Associations Key Management Protocol (ISAKMP) and the Oakley protocol. IKE provides a framework and key exchange protocol for Virtual Private Networks (VPN) that are based on the IP Security Architecture (IPSec) protocols. An overview of VPN technologies based on the latest standards is provided in Part I.

This book also helps you understand, install and configure the most current VPN product implementations from IBM, in particular AIX, OS/400, Nways routers, OS/390, and several client and OEM platforms. After reading this book, you will be able to use those products to implement different VPN scenarios. An overview of the functions and configuration of the VPN components of those products is provided in Part II.

The main focus of this book is on how to implement complete VPN solutions using state-of-the-art VPN technlogoies, and to document IBM product interoperability. This book is therefore not meant to be an exhaustive VPN design guide. The authors would like to refer the reader to IBM security and network consulting services for that purpose.

This book is a follow-on to the VPN Vol. 1 (SG24-5201) and VPN Vol. 2 (SG24-5234) redbooks. A basic understanding of IP security and cryptographic concepts and network security policies is assumed.

Table of contents

Part 1. VPN Overview and Technology Update
Chapter 1. Virtual Private Network (VPN) Introduction
Chapter 2. Layer 2 VPN Protocols
Chapter 3. Layer 3 VPN Protocols
Chapter 4. Certificates and Public Key Infrastructures
Chapter 5. Security Technologies Complementing VPNs
Chapter 6. Directory-Assisted Policy Management
Chapter 7. Network Management forVPNs
Part 2. IBM VPN Platforms with IKE Support
Chapter 8. Introduction to IBM VPN solutions
Chapter 9. AIX V4.3.2 and V4.3.3
Chapter 10. OS/400 V4R4 Native VPN Support
Chapter 11. Communications Server V2R8 for OS/390
Chapter 12. Nways Routers Using MRS/AIS/MAS V3.3
Part 3. VPN Scenarios Using IBM VPN Platforms
Chapter 13. Building Branch Office VPNs
Chapter 14. Building Business Partner / Supplier VPNs
Chapter 15. Building Remote Access VPNs
Chapter 16. VPN Troubleshooting
Part 4. OEM VPN Platforms and Interoperability
Chapter 17. Interoperability with Cisco Routers
Chapter 18. Interoperability with Windows 2000
Chapter 19. Interoperability with OEM VPN Clients


Publish Date
19 November 1999

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