Implementing Lotus Domino Connector and J.D.E. OneWorld on IBM Netfinity

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This IBM Redbooks publication describes how to implement the Domino Connector for J.D. Edwards using the Lotus Enterprise Integrator product. The Domino Connector for J.D. Edwards and the Lotus Enterprise Integrator construct a server-based data distribution solution that enables high performance, scalable exchange of data between Lotus Domino and the host application J.D. Edwards’ OneWorld. In detail, this book covers the plan to implement J.D. Edwards’ OneWorld B73.2, Lotus Domino 4.6xserver, Domino Connector for J.D. Edwards, the Lotus Enterprise Integrator, and the IBM Netfinity family of servers and their features. Presently, the Domino Connector is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 1999.

The purpose of the Domino Connector for J.D. Edwards is for Lotus Notes and Domino users to access the J.D. Edwards’ OneWorld application environment. Presently, the connector supports Purchase Order Entry and the Sales Order Entry of OneWorld’s Master Business Functions. Other modules such as Forecasting, Item Entry, Journal Entry, Production Data Management, Purchase Order Receipts, and Work Orders will be available by the third quarter of 1999. The connector will allow organizations of all sizes to enhance their existing Lotus messaging and collaborative Web solutions by offering seamless access to OneWorld enterprise system software. The Domino Connector for J.D. Edwards manages connect, login and data transfer processing between Domino and the J.D. Edwards’ OneWorld application. The Domino Connector for J.D. Edwards offers extended integration capabilities in addition to the messaging and desktop integration, which allows J.D. Edwards OneWorld users to transfer mail messages to Lotus Notes users and share data with Lotus 1-2-3 users.

Highlighted in this book is the IBM Netfinity family of servers. IBM Netfinity continues to set records for performance and has outperformed all other Intel processor-based servers currently tested for J.D. Edwards’ network centric, ERP application, OneWorld running Windows NT server. IBM Netfinity provides you with a reliable solution to help build and integrate your front-end and back-end business processes for Domino and OneWorld.

This book also examines the use of IBM’s ServerGuide that is used to set up IBM Netfinity hardware and prepare your system for Windows NT Server on the OneWorld Deployment and Enterprise server, as well as your Domino server.

It is assumed that the reader of this book has some experience in using Oracle for NT, J.D. Edwards’ OneWorld, Lotus Domino, and Microsoft NT Server.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The Domino Connector for J.D. Edwards’ OneWorld
Chapter 3. IBM Netfinity Family of Servers
Chapter 4. Planning for the Domino Connector and OneWorld Solution
Chapter 5. Implementing Oracle8 and J.D. Edwards’ OneWorld
Chapter 6. Implementing LEI and the Domino Connector
Chapter 7. Implement Purchase Order Entry Business Scenario


Publish Date
21 June 1999

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