J.D. Edwards' OneWorld and IBM Netfinity Implementation Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication

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This IBM Redbooks publication describes how to implement J.D. Edwards' OneWorld
on the IBM Netfinity server. In particular, it covers the IBM
Netfinity family of servers and their features, an introduction to
J.D. Edwards' OneWorld and the architecture this solution is built
upon, OneWorld's use of supply chain management and how your customer's
business can be expanded to include its customers, suppliers and
business partners and the Netfinity sizing and implementation process
for optimizing and configuring OneWorld for Windows NT.

This book also examines the use of IBM's ServerGuide that is used
to set up the Netfinity hardware and prepare your system for Windows
NT Server, and the Netfinity Manager, a systems management solution
to monitor and manage the deployment and enterprise server as well as
OneWorld workstation clients. Both, ServerGuide and the Netfinity Manager
ship with the IBM Netfinity server at no additional charge as well as
several other productive applications, such as Lotus Domino.

In our example of the sizing and implementation process, we provide
a scenario on how you would prepare and configure the IBM Netfinity
server for OneWorld's Conference Room Pilot environment using Oracle8
for NT as a base. This scenario actually loads demo data rather than
production data in order to provide a host of applications.

This book is not designed to replace the J.D. Edwards' Planning
and Configuration Guide or its installation guide. This book is
designed to provide you with an easy understanding of the implementation
process, the installation, and the environments of OneWorld optimized
for the IBM Netfinity server.

It is assumed that the reader of this book has some experience in
using Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle for NT, and Microsoft Windows NT
Server. If you are an implementer, we highly suggest that you consider
taking the following courses:

Business Partners:

* Configurator Expedition
* Installer Expedition
* Host Platform Survival Skills


* Common Foundation
* OneWorld 210
* OneWorld 310

At a minimum, read all documentation you received from J.D. Edwards before
attempting to construct a productive environment including the following guides:

* Common Foundation
* Installation Guide (AS/400, UNIX, or NT)
* Planning and Configuration Guide
* Software Modifications and Deployment
SG24-5842-00; J.D. Edwards' OneWorld B73.3 and Windows Terminal Server for IBM Netfinity is the latest version

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Publish Date
07 December 1998

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